What Do Effective Catalogues Have in Common?

A handsome catalogue isn't always a profitable one

Here's what I learned from years of working on the Annual Catalog Awards

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Cover Stories

These 7 catalogue covers show what it takes to stand out from the crowd

An effective catalogue cover isn't just (or even always) pretty. These 7 covers show how to make a mail piece command attention—and win sales

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A Physical Advantage

Retail apocalypse? Not on our watch

These stores show how to make the most of bricks-and-mortar's unique advantage over the internet

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A Few Sweet Takeaways

Searching online for Valentine's Day candies yielded a few retail dos and don'ts

Online inspiration from Godiva, Hotel du Chocolate, and other candy sellers

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Checking Out the Virtual Christmas Shop Windows

Which retailers have the merriest—and most effective—yuletide home pages?

Website home pages are the online equivalent of storefront windows. Let's see which have captured the yuletide spirit best

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7 Tips from Gardening Companies to Help Your Online Presence Blossom

An online tour of several local nurseries yields a bouquet of ideas to help your business grow

Even small and local businesses that don't sell directly online are competing with national businesses that do. Here's how they can level the field.

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Under the Social Influence

6 ways websites leverage the power of social proof

Sometimes called herd behaviour, social proof can boost your sales—and making it work in your favour isn't all that difficult

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Mum's the Word

When marketing to mothers, keep these 5 core values in mind

Mothers buy a lot. Communicating with them with these 5 key values in mind will encourage them to buy from you

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What's in a Sign?

A way to salvage a sale, that's what

The road to the "endless aisle" can start with a simple sign

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5 Things I Learned from Herschell Gordon Lewis

A tribute to the late copywriting maestro

I was lucky enough to have worked, in a small degree, with the late direct marketer nonpareil, and I'm a better copywriter for it

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Three Cheers for Family-Friendly Shops

Happy kids equal happy parents... which equal happy customers

Accommodating kids can be easy—and can pay off with increased sales and return customers

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Even Generalists Can Specialise

Targeting niche audiences while still appealing to your core market can reap outsize returns

Finding a niche market within your overall audience can set your brand apart without distracting from your core strategy

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We <3 Valentine’s Day Emails

Valentine’s Day isn’t all hearts and flowers; it’s also a time for perfecting your email marketing messages

Takeaways from 7 marketers and their messages

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Novel Business-Building Advice

Lessons learned from a most unlikely source

Who knew mediocre historical fiction would offer solid commerce suggestions?

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Low-Hanging Fruit for the Grabbing

Five actionable retail tips from the first day of the NRF Big Show 2016

The first day of the NRF Big Show 2016 yielded some retail advice you can act on right now

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Dear Rosetta Stone, More Isn't More

The language educator sent me 96 emails in one month. That's insane in any language

The language-instruction company emailed me an average of three times a day in December—but not because it had much to say. Here are five ways it could have said more with fewer messages

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Compare and Contrast: Fruitcake Frenzy

There are so many direct sellers of the festive treat everyone loves to hate. How do their pitches compare?

Are all fruitcakes alike? More to the point, do all marketers sell their fruitcakes the same way? We compare and contrast five purveyors, from Harrods to Williams-Sonoma,

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What I Learned from 300 Black Friday Emails

Yes, that's how many marketing emails I received on Black Friday. But how many were standouts?

Lots of percentage-off discounts and references to Black Friday itself. Not much in the way of creativity. What else did I notice from the 300 marketing emails I received on the day after Thanksgiving?

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Why We Love Uncommon Goods’ Onboarding Email Campaign

What better way to inaugurate the Your Commerce blog than with a post about welcome emails?

Sure, a simple welcome email is better than nothing. But a beautifully designed, well-written, and information onboarding campaign is even better

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