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Soundbites of Wisdom

image: picture of the big screen at NRF Retail Big Show 2016 showing the big logo
Inspiration and insights from commerce consultants and practitioners

What to do when you’re covering a conference and hear some great pearls of wisdom that don’t fit into a specific article? Put all those thought-worthy soundbites into one article, of course.


Here, from the U.S. National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2016, are brief bits of info worth sharing:


“You have to go big to go small. It’s important to find a niche.”—Rhonda Abrams, president/founder, PlanningShop


“It’s not a matter of using social media. It’s about understanding how your consumers use social media, and taking advantage of that.”—Nikki Baird, managing partner, Retail Systems Research (RSR)


“Someone who comes into your store should be able to talk to a salesperson who has the same information as someone in your call center.”—Nikki Baird


“You cannot compete unless you are leveraging technology.”—Nikki Baird


“There’s no such thing as a digital strategy anymore—just strategy in a digital world.”— Alia Kemet, media director, Ikea, North America


“Mobile ads draw consumers to a website; social media holds consumer attention through the sales process and beyond to keep a customer for life.”— Amanda Kinsella, director of marketing, Logan Services


“In marketplaces, focus on products that are unique or have a price advantage.”—Ryan Miller, vice president, global ecommerce strategy, Rakuten


“Consumption is an emotional process. It’s about needs, it’s about desires, it’s about aspirations.”—Chris Sanderson, co-founder/chief creative officer, The Future Laboratory


“Stores that focus on wonder per square foot rather than sales per square foot actually perform better.”—Chris Sanderson


“It is not about product. It is more than experience. It is about engagement… Don’t get caught up in the technology. Spend your time looking at your consumer.”—Chris Sanderson


“Systems are only as good as the strategies you’ve set up in which for them to perform.”—Cheryl Sullivan, senior vice president, product strategy, Revionics


“Know who your consumers are and that you’re giving them a personalised experience. If you’re not giving them the right promotion, studies show you’re actually driving them away.”—Cheryl Sullivan


“You can analyse consumers to death, but if you’re not telling them the information they want to hear, it doesn’t matter.”—John White, chief operating officer/executive vice president, Fossil Group


“It’s about understanding the promise of digital, then taking that same level of insight… and translating it into the physical stores.”—John White


“Placing small bets first to understand where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck is key.”—John White


author: Sherry Chiger

Sherry Chiger

The editorial director of Your Commerce, Sherry Chiger is an award-winning writer and editor. She was formerly editorial director of Multichannel Merchant and Catalogue e-business magazines.


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