About Us

As a commerce professional, you need to keep up with the latest advice and tactics to grow your business. But as a commerce professional, you don't have enough time in the day to take in all that information.

That's why we launched Your Commerce. We aim to be a one-stop source for pertinent, actionable multichannel commerce advice. We'll provide the information about retail, ecommerce, and direct marketing you need for your business to thrive. Because we have decades of experience in the sector, we can confidently make sense of the myriad papers and reports out there and distill them into just the facts that will help you and your business. We'll also serve up advice straight from reliable experts and resources, both on this site and in our enewsletter.

The Team

Tim Munnelly illustrationTim Munnelly, creative director
Tim began his career in design and publishing back when "copy and paste" meant working with pieces of paper and glue. Of course, he has since adapted to digital, designing everything from print magazines such as Catalogue e-business to enewsletters to ecommerce and mobile sites. "Getting a clear, useful design across multiple platforms and systems, making it legible and easy to use, and helping others do the same is still a worthy challenge I'm happy to be part of," he says.


Sherry Chiger illustrationSherry Chiger, editorial director
A former editorial director of Multichannel Merchant magazine in the U.S. and Catalogue e-business magazine in the UK, Sherry has covered omnichannel commerce on both sides of the Atlantic for several decades. In addition, she's worked for several ecommerce businesses and produced a weekly enewsletter dedicated to email marketing. "The best competitive advantage a company can have is knowledge," she says. "I love seeing how businesses use that knowledge—to improve a landing page, say, or refine a merch mix—to grow."


Sherry Chiger illustrationZilan Yuan, editorial assistant
Zilan has recently joined us as our editorial assistant, Zilan has been a freelance writer specialising in marketing and design. "I love my job learning while I work, and sharing that knowledge," she says.

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